Monday, September 21, 2015

Why Can't Middle Aged Women Have Long Hair?

Loved this article.

I stumbled across this link from my archives of 2010.
Still begs the same question, as I do from time to time get criticized for
not shearing my locks.

For one thing, it keeps my neck warm...
And I've heard that long hair can make You feel sexy.
So, just what is chic these days?
You tell me. If You had to choose...Which do You prefer? Long or short hair?

Saturday, May 16, 2015

We can't please everyone...

We can't please everyone. It's true.

Somewhere, someone is complaining. Social media is many things to many people.
It's a tool. You decide how You will manage it, on all the platforms.
You choose what to say. When to say it.

Some use it for informational purposes.
Some use it to build community.
Some use it to simply keep in touch.

Some use it to vent.
Some use it to whine.
Some use it to project their anger.
Some use it to announce their displeasure at others and disappointments.

You get to choose.
You also get to set your notifications as to not get flooded by information.

For me, it is a resource that allows me to connect with others.
I simply do not have the man hours to engage in conversation, as much as I would like.

By supporting the Arts and Music scene, and in doing what I do, it irritates a few.

The #TroubleWithTracee is that I use social media to promote events,
share informational links, celebrate others, announce interesting articles, take pictures,
say hello and report on what an amazing city #HamOnt is.

Clearly, I am not pizza...LOL

Monday, December 1, 2014

Remarkable times are these

The other day, someone came up to me to apologize.
They wished to say 'sorry' for they felt that an error in judgement had been made.

Apparently, someone had told them things.
Things that had caused them to pre-judge and jump to conclusions based on hearsay.

The story they believed until recently was discovered not be true. Mere rumours, actually.
The person felt that they wanted me to know that they've set the record straight.

I appreciated this.

People will think what they will.
Truth exists in all forms.
Yours, mine, theirs...

Choose wisely my Friends.
Trust your instincts, for these are remarkable times, indeed.